My FIRST TASK : Code-in


Hello everyone. My name is Shubham. I am a school going teen studying in 10th grade in Jnana Prabothini nigdi school.  I love computer science and software. I have also decided my carrier as a software engineer.

It is my first time to participate in Code-in. Code-in was introduced to me by a friend. I wasn’t interested in it at first because our preliminary exams were starting in the month of January. I had to prepare for the exam in the month of December. But somewhere from inside, I was feeling that I should at least participate and try. Therefore, I got my name registered on the Google Code-in website and took up this task of creating a blog. Presently my exams are going but still I am doing it for my passion.

FOSSASIA is actually a non-profit organization. I am greatly influenced by its aim -“To support social change through free software”.

“Our mission is to make the world’s social media information openly accessible and useful generating open knowledge for all.”

That’s the tag line I found on loklak social search.

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. FOSS is a boon for beginners of Software Development. FOSSASIA was introduced to me on Google Code-in website. From then I sought out for the organization. FOSSASIA is trying hard over many projects., SUSPER search engine, LokLak Social Search and SUSI.AI are some of its projects that have fascinated me. is an all in one image app. It includes tones of features. we can Click beautiful images using the app. There are various advanced scene modes, and variety of balance modes. You can use your voice actions to invoke Camera, Just say “Ok Google click a picture”. You can also select front and rear camera based on voice. you can Browse the local gallery inside the app with folder and all photos mode. Copy, move and add description to the images.Edit images with various cool filters with optimized performace, built using OpenCV library. SUSPER is a decentralized search engine that uses peer -to -peer (P2P) system ‘YaCy’ and ‘Apache Solr’ to crawl and index search results. SUSI.AI is a machine learning embedded, artificial intelligent personal assistant, robot, help desk and chat bot. SUSI.AI already runs on many chat services and social networks. SUSI.AI is available for any android, iOS device and also you can access the web chat application from this URL

Now speaking about the Open Source applications that I have installed on my android mobile are the same mentioned above – and SUSI.AI. FOSSASIA community fascinated me a lot right when I first visited it. I would like if the community will help me in learning languages like JAVA and PYTHON. I am following FOSSASIA page on Facebook

The projects and technologies I would like to learn about are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IBM Watson and programming languages like Java, Python and C++.

Access the following sites with provided links